The BuzzCan a Rimac Concept_One dust a Porsche 918?

Can a Rimac Concept_One dust a Porsche 918?


Rimac Concept_One vs Porsche 918

We could probably make a mini-series out of the videos depicting the outstanding Rimac Concept_One beating hypercars on the drag strip. A few weeks ago, we saw Archie Hamilton putting one of the Croatian EV rocket ships against a LaFerrari, and now, Salomondrin is the latest YouTuber to put the acceleration weapon against another combustion car – a Porsche 918.

Those who know anything about the 918 will know it’s a bit of a formidable beast itself, using hybrid technology to iron out flat spots in that monstrous V8 engine when launching, to create one of the fastest accelerating cars around. But can it beat the Concept_One? We’ve got a feeling you probably know the answer to that already…

Click here to read more about these incredible cars, which despite the name, are in fact fully-fledge production cars (an actual owner’s car was used in the making of the above video!)

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