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The new frontier of electric EVs at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed


Goodwood Festival of Speed announce ‘The Electric Avenue – The Road To 2030’ presented by Sky Zero, which will bring a futuristic and stimulating experience to this year’s show. The exhibition will reveal all the new electric motors and cutting-edge technology that will be used inside the cars to further improve the driving experience and to demonstrate how the future is an electric one. The showcase will prove as an opportunity to convey how an EV is a new frontier in automotive technology and can break the boundaries of petrol fuelled cars and push the limit even further and benefit the future generations by lowering Co2 emissions. It is something you will not want to miss!

The major new attraction has been designed to encourage a lasting legacy of positive change by enabling visitors to explore the electric way of life; a space where they can ask questions of the experts, inspect the latest EVs and learn about the benefits associated with switching to electric.

Electric Avenue Festival of Speed Lotus Evija

A must-see at this year’s Festival of Speed, the striking exhibition structure will captivate visitors, immersing them in a series of powerful visuals, bold colours and a stunning soundscape. On display amongst a series of towering projections, will be an extensive collection of EVs including city cars, saloons, SUVs, sports cars and hypercars, all appearing at Goodwood’s invitation. The ambition behind ‘Electric Avenue – The Road To 2030’ is to make electric mobility uniquely accessible, with visitors able to explore and compare different makes and models and discover this new way of life for themselves.

As the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport, automotive culture and future technology, Goodwood recognises that the Festival of Speed has a significant role to play in supporting consumers on the road to 2030, as well as the UK Government’s initiative to be producing net zero emissions by 2050. ‘Electric Avenue – The Road To 2030’ has been carefully created and curated to empower visitors when it comes to embarking on an electric future. We’ll have industry experts on-hand ready to answer questions on everything from finance and running costs, to the realities of range and reliability, as well as charging times and locations. For those starting out on their electric journey, it will provide an insight into the EV best suited to their lifestyle.

If you’re wanting to stop by ‘Electric Avenue – The Road To 2030’ will be situated at the heart of the Festival of Speed, between Future Lab presented by bp, and the First Glance Paddock.

Announcing the new initiative, The Duke of Richmond said: “The Festival of Speed has always taken a defining position on cutting-edge technology and the future of mobility, and we have long championed electric, connected and autonomous vehicles. I am delighted that ‘Electric Avenue – The Road to 2030’ presented by Sky Zero will enable visitors to explore the future of mobility for themselves. I am also immensely grateful to Sky Zero for joining us in this new venture and to our automotive partners for their continued support of the Festival of Speed.”

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said: “As we put our foot down and accelerate towards a zero- emission transport future, I’m delighted to see this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed showcasing some of the latest models of EVs at the new ‘Electric Avenue’.

“With £2.8bn of government support to encourage their take-up, there has never been a better time to switch to an EV – helping clean up the air in towns and cities right across the UK.”

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