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Tesla Model 3: like the Model S, but smaller


Last night’s Model 3 unveiling event at Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California appeared to be a rather manic affair to say the least. 

Journalists battled to get the best shot of the few final prototype/near-production cars that had made an appearance, all on their smartphones, as no doubt in one of Musk’s clever marketing ploys, cameras were not permitted.

You can understand all the hype, though. The car is Tesla’s first look into a proper, car-for-the-masses automotive model, which when released is sure to tempt those looking for their next company car away from the monotonous BMWs and Audis. 

And from what we know so far, we’re pleased to say it looks like a peach! Here are the four things you need to know about the Model 3, before we see it on the road at the end of 2017…

Tesla Model 3

It’ll be fast

Just because this isn’t aimed as being a sports car slayer like its older brother, the Model S, the Model 3 will still embarrass most of the cars its aimed to go up against. With 0-60 times promised in under six seconds on every spec of Model 3, we’re set to see more electric-powered madness here. Still no certainty on the inclusion of Insane or Ludicrous mode, though…

Tesla Model 3

It’ll be affordable

Considering the above performance promises, and the fact it’ll house five adults ‘in comfort’, prices for the Model 3 will start at $35,000 (around £24,700). This is before any government-backed incentives, and means it weighs in at about the same price as a lightly-spec’d, bottom-of-the-barrel BMW 320i. Tempting…

Tesla Model 3

The battery won’t be as good as we’re used to

With a range of 215 miles promised, the Model 3 doesn’t quite blow us away with the amount of miles it’s willing to eat up on one charge like the Model S does. Still, 215 miles is more than enough for most commuters, seeing as the car will be able to benefit from Tesla’s Supercharging infrastructure, too.

Tesla Model 3

It’ll be a dream to be inside

Strangely, very few of the press shots show off the car’s interior, which makes us think this is the last piece of the puzzle that Tesla are working on ahead of the launch. Based on photos from yesterday’s launch, though, we’re getting a signature massive screen, no buttons, and lots of space inside. The Model 3 is complemented with a huge glass rear windscreen, which means both front and back passengers can enjoy the environment around them more than in other cars.

What are your thoughts? Would you bust $1000 on a deposit on a car which isn’t set to be released for almost another two years? For us, it’s tempting…

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