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Skoda Vision E Meets The Jetson’s


The Skoda team are back at it and haven’t failed. They have released their first all electric concept vehicle in shanghai which has already created a storm with its futuristic look. Not to sound to cheesy but electrics cars changed the game, this had changed…well everything. We seen electric cars look the same with ‘twists’ and make us all go “hmm yeah alright then”.  But it seems Skoda have out done themselves with thinking about the design from inside and out. It is all about the style, versatility and four people in the car coming together rather than aim it all at the driver.

The Czech team have come out hitting, showcasing the Vision E as their first in their EV range as they are aiming to have 5 models in the range by 2025. But if your still worried about their current range being left behind, don’t fret, they also are planning on making plug-in versions.

The vehicle is based on internal space being optimised with the transmission tunnel not cluttering the floor they have increased the space by 7 percent and heightened the seats. It’s the small things like this that will subconsciously make all of the difference. As expected with a release date of 2020, it is packed with technology  – The front dash is elongated with a sweeping effect making sure that all four passengers can interact with the drive. Causing a controversy from the expected Tesla and Volvo more portrait look. The body features a more hatchback look which again gives generosity of the of the interior space. It still has it unmissable identity as a Skoda with creases down the side of the doors, contour lines and crystalline features giving a sleek look. After coming back down to earth and giving it a second look you realise there is no wing mirror or a pillar in between the doors to give safety for side impacts. However the ‘Phantom’ grill as they’re calling it still doesn’t quite look right to the eye, but again in 2020 who know this maybe the done thing. Skoda hasn’t missed a beat with combining two battery’s optimised to give, the ability to be adaptable. Front and rear wheel drive, top speed of 110mph and a range of 310 miles. The power for lithium-ion batteries and powerful recuperation allows this non-restrictive range.

We may not have all of the details on the concept car, things may change but all I know is 944 days is not going to come quick enough but I have my pen ready for when the waitlist comes out.

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