The BuzzNissan teases wireless charging tech in new video

Nissan teases wireless charging tech in new video


If you watch one YouTube video today, make it this one. After rumours spreading around that Nissan was dabbling with wireless charging tech, the European branch of the firm has today launched a teaser video depicting a Leaf doing just that.

Dubbed ‘What is the fuel station of the future?’, the 20-second vid doesn’t give too much away. But Nissan’s intentions are seemingly pretty clear: a Leaf rocks up (silently, of course), only to activate some sort of charging device embedded into the pavement of a busy city. Music to the ears of any EV owner that’s had to awkwardly deal with the fiddly cables outside their house every night, we’re sure!

Teaming up with architect Foster & Partners – the team behind designing the Apple campus – we’d love to see wireless charging tech incorporated into big city infrastructure. The possibilities actually make us drool!

We guess we’ll find out more at next year’s Geneva show, which already promises to be an epic weekend for electric cars…

Watch the video here:

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