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Musk announces Tesla trucks, buses and more in new master plan


It’s been almost exactly ten years since Elon Musk revealed his first ‘Master Plan’ for what he wanted to achieve for Tesla. This was at a time where the grassroots Roadster had been cobbled together to a lukewarm reception, with the former PayPal boss’ optimistic visions of creating a range of successful electric cars seeming like a bit of an ambitious daydream.

How we’ve all eaten our words! It’s only when reminded about this blog post that, ten years later, it’s amazing how closely Musk has stuck to his initial genius predictions and visions. Maybe we should listen to him more carefully.

Today, Master Plan, Part Deux has been unveiled on Tesla’s website. As well as smugly addressing the first plan in his normally humorous and witty way, Musk unveils more big ideas for the future. The only difference this time is, everyone is listening.

What’s our wacky EV leader got in store for the next ten years, then? You can check out the blog post yourself to read all about it, but we’ll briefly explain what it’s all about here:

– Solar battery storage

Musk is pushing on with his Powerwall idea: allowing home and business owners to create, store, and distribute their own electrical energy in a self-sufficient way. He also vows to team up with SolarCity to make this happen.

– More Tesla vehicles

This is perhaps the most exciting one. Musk hints that following the unveiling of the more affordable Model 3, we’ll begin to see Tesla trucks, lorries and even automated buses which will transform the way we see public transport with their driverless layout. If anyone else announced such bold claims, we’d laugh in their face. But we’re taking this one very seriously here…

– Autonomous driving

Despite some rather serious hiccups recently, Musk is adamant that the AutoPilot function on his vehicles is vastly safer than regular driving. He even relates binning the idea of autonomous driving at this stage as removing autopilot function from aeroplanes.

Needless to say, we’re rather excited for what the next ten years will bring…


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