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McLaren boss hints at firm’s electrifying future


Mclaren’s CEO talks electric car plan for 2022

It may already boast the most extreme example of how electric power can aid performance, not just the environment, in the mighty P1, but McLaren isn’t done with the shocking stuff just yet, if Top Gear‘s recent chat with CEO Mike Flewitt is anything to go by.

After discussing the future of his firm’s fantastic M838T V8 combustion engine (which still has a lot of life left in it, by the way), Flewitt comes out with what will be a shocker to many: “Beyond that, and I wouldn’t give you a date, we will all be driving EVs.”

What’s the best way to deal with such inevitable news? Hybrids will form part of McLaren’s ‘new powertrain architecture,’ as Flewitt comments: “Emissions are almost a secondary attribute. For us it must add to the attributes as a sports car. And by 2022, more than 50 percent of our cars will be hybrid.”

“I would like to see a track capability of 30 or 40 minutes.”

McLaren’s ‘Track22′ long-term plan focuses on every aspect of the business, including the fact that the firm aims to offer ’15 new cars or significant variants’ by 2022. While this doesn’t specifically refer to a fully-electric car yet, we’re not ruling anything out. “When we present an electric car it will be the most exciting sports car we have ever made,” Flewitt boldly puts it.

“Most electric sports cars now can only do one lap of the Nürburgring,” an unsatisfied CEO tells Top Gear. “I would like to see a track capability of 30 or 40 minutes.” “It has to be exciting. You have to be able to feel engagement, vibration and sound. I don’t like fakery: I want authentic noise. The stereo playing a V8 would be crap.”

This is all music to our ears, which means we’re willing to wait a little longer for better results. Whatever way you look at it, when McLaren release an EV, it’s going to be one hell of an EV…

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