The Buzzi3 gets cool with MR PORTER

i3 gets cool with MR PORTER


The BMW i3 has just got classier. Electric has never felt so cool with the limited edition MR PORTER i3. BMW has teamed up with the award winning men’s style website to create a bespoke EV that simply oozes class.

Given that the BMW i3 is one of the most futuristic cars on sale it certainly wasn’t lacking a funky appearance. That hasn’t stopped the design teams from BMW and MR PORTER from giving the i3 a makeover. Based on a classic tuxedo no less, the i3 comes with a Tuxedo Blue paint job (obviously) and even a pinstripe in the form of a white accent running the length of the chassis. Of course this is done by master craftsmen, no clunky robots here, in the same way a tailor would hand stitch your suit.

BMW i3 Mr Porter

Not only does the outside of the i3 get a suit makeover, inside the car gets an MR PORTER travel kit featuring a BMW i leather holdall, a black and white London umbrella, a special edition Leica camera, Cutler & Gross sunglasses, Lock & Co bowler hat and a bespoke edition of Phaidon City Guide Book. Basically a holdall filled with expensive stuff you probably could buy for less on Amazon… but still awesome add-ons to find in your brand new car!

BMW i3 Mr Porter Graham Norton
Graham Norton wearing what appears to be a tent at this weekend’s London launch

The workings of the i3 have been left untouched with just the aesthetics being upgraded for this special run version meaning the same 170hp from a lithium-ion battery and 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. Prices however have changed with the MR PORTER designed i3 to cost £43,500 and will be available in a limited run supply this spring. Alternatively you could just buy a normal i3 and spend the considerable saving on an actual tailor made suit…

BMW i3 Mr Porter
All of the limited-edition touches are, of course, applied by hand…

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