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Faraday reveals more about its future amidst LG Chem battery team-up


The plot thickens…

Talk about creating a buzz. Faraday Future has managed to get everyone talking over the past year, possibly due to the fact it is yet to release solid details about anything it actually plans to do in the automotive industry over the next few years. Take a look at its careers page right now, for example, and you’ll mysteriously find well over 100 jobs available at the already vast Californian firm, spanning all manner of skill sets (hey, why not actually apply for one while you’re there? Just mention that your friends at EV Performance sent you…)

What we do receive, however, are irregular nuggets of information from the firm that can give us clues as to what’s going on in its SoCal hideaway. Like today, for instance, where FF has announced its working alongside Korean battery giant LG Chem to develop what they hope will be the “world’s highest energy density for a production automotive battery” that’ll eventually power its road cars.

Faraday Future
What will Faraday Future’s road cars eventually end up looking like? | EV Performance

LG Chem | Battery expert

LG Chem already does a lot of work on EVs, such as supplying the electrified bits for the upcoming and highly-anticipated Chevy Bolt, which is set to smash current EV range records for a car of its type. Could FF provide the first car that actually hits the sweet spot between counteracting range anxiety and affordability?

Formula E | Faraday Future Dragon Racing
Formula E | Faraday Future Dragon Racing

Faraday Future Formula E excitement

Faraday Future is also in the limelight this week as it is set to witness its first race supporting the Dragon Racing Formula E team. You can also check out its staggeringly beautiful FFZERO1 concept car, as well as watch our interview with the firm’s Product and Tech Communications Manager, Ezekiel Wheeler, below.

We’ll bring you more Faraday goodness as we receive it…

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