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Evoke making noise at CES Asia


Now you may not had heard the name Evoke Motorcycles, but they are certainly making noise in Asia. Evoke Electric Motorcycles is an electric motorcycle design and manufacturing company, based in China.

Coming back from a recent trip from Isle Man TT we noticed EV motorcycles are fast becoming major players and Evoke are ready to strike! Evoke’s Urban S is a European-style, zero emission electric motorcycle. With a range of 125 miles, top speed of 81mph and 0-30mph in 2.5 seconds is certainly ticketing the boxes for a city motorcycle.  It is the first electric motorcycle with precision braking, with both front and rear brakes on the handlebar, tech-enabled accessories, such as built-in navigation, and a clutchless design making it the perfect vehicle for cityscapes and countryside rides alike. Although, the Urban S stats won’t set the motorcycle world alight, Evoke’s upcoming Project Kruzer looks to be another step forward with 126 lbs/ft of torque off the line and “Ludicrous ” acceleration; 0-60 in under 5 seconds.

5 most exciting products at CES Asia’s startup park

Evoke Motorcycles, who recently announced their MyEvoke program, today announced they were selected to be in the 5 most exciting products at CES Asia’s startup park. After attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia in Shanghai, Evoke were chosen out of a possible 75 startups.

“Evoke’s flagship motorcycle, the Urban S may go from zero to 60 mph in six seconds, but it still manages to produce zero-emissions thanks to its patented lithium-ion battery. It’s the first electric motorcycle with precision brake precision braking and also boasts a 200-kilometer range and built-in navigation. Evoke doesn’t want to just stop there – they are currently developing a bike-share program that would let city-goers rent a motorcycle from a charge station placed across towns. For now, the company plans to bring the Urban S stateside in July, thanks to plans major expansion and a partnership with Apple’s iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn. pre-launch of its new smart electric motorcycle swap service, called “MyEvoke” in Beijing with one of the 2017 models of Evoke Motorcycles. Evoke is changing the game with providing its customers with the ability to travel around town on unlimited range and never having to stop and charge your bike” – Jeremy Snow on behalf of the Consumer Technology Association.

With the MyEvoke program currently in it’s beta testing stage in Beijing and international interest and preorders increasing every week, it is certainly an exciting time for evoke and the electric motorcycle industry.

We certainly like the idea of the MyEvoke program and hope to see it in Europe soon…

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