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CES so far: new Leaf on the way and autonomous concepts aplenty


Chrysler Portal

Chrysler brought to the table its suitably ridiculous and PR spiel-packed Portal minibus. Said to be designed for the millennials amongst us with its upgradeable software inside and fully autonomous driving capabilities, the lounge-on-wheels is offers a ‘third space’ for its occupants between home and work – just in case you can’t bear to stay off Facebook for your half-hour commute in the mornings, maybe.

But more importantly to us, of course, is its electric driveline: claiming 250 miles of range with DC fast charging allowing over 150 miles to be added back in in under 20 minutes.

Not quite ‘normal’, but far more likely to become a reality than some of the dream-inspired hyper EV concepts we’ve seen in recent times…

BMW i Inside Future & Autonomous 5-Series

If you thought the Portal was futuristic, BMW’s offerings are going to blow your head off. First up, the German firm brought in a spaceship-esque BMW i Inside Future sculpture concept which may look ridiculous from the outside, but was all about the interior. BMW’s vision of what an autonomous car will feel like inside, the car takes on a similar ‘lounge’ layout to the portal, complete with ‘Sound Curtain’ headreasts and even a bookshelf by the back seats in case your gran is coming along for the robo-piloted ride.

Keeping on the autonomous theme, and bringing it a whole lot closer to reality, next up was the a modified all-new 5-Series which relied not only on on-board sensors but high definition maps to plot out its autonomous route around Las Vegas while the driver checks for TripAdvisor ratings on the car’s swanky computer. Also shown off was the car’s ability to go and find itself a parking space after you exit the vehicle, with the car then texting you to tell you where it is. What could possibly go wrong?!


Nissan Leaf and Commercial Vehicles

Nissan’s decided to give its new autonomous driving system a name – SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility) – how cute! Teaming up with Microsoft, this clever system is said to combine intelligent AI with real human support.

The firm is also planning to test its self-driving capabilities on commercial vehicles in Tokyo throughout 2017 – the results of which could be pretty mega indeed…

The most significant news from the Japanese brand, however, is the confirmation that an all-new Leaf is on its way in the ‘near future,’ which will come equipped with Nissan’s lighter ProPILOT autonomous functions pre-installed to tackle single-lane roads.

Punters also got the chance to see the downright awesome BladeGlider three-seater EV concept first shown off at the 2016 olympics in Rio.

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