The BuzzCambridge Uni developing 'Super Batteries' for cars

Cambridge Uni developing ‘Super Batteries’ for cars


If there’s one thing that the EV haters love to talk about, it’s the relatively low range that the current cars on the market offer.

The boffins at the University of Cambridge, however, have been busy working away on a secret project which has today seen the light of day. A crack team has been developing a line of ‘Super Batteries’, which use a lithium-oxygen structure to completely embarrass the current lithium-ion jobbies we’re used to in almost every way.

What can we expect from a Super Battery, then? Well, the ability to store over ten times the amount of energy in the same space, for a start, in a package that promises to be up to five times lighter than a lithium ion item. Needless to say, we can see this completely revolutionising the electric car market.

What’s the catch? Well, it’s estimated the technology won’t be reaching the consumer market for another decade at least, which kinda sucks. Still, we’ll start counting down the days now…

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