"The future is exciting, fun and electric"

Porsche Mission E

Delivering excellence

EV Performance is a brand new way for you to enjoy everything about the crazy, ever-expanding world of electric cars.

Our mission statement is to quash the idea that EVs are nothing but boring science projects, and instead document the fun side of these futuristic vehicles.

Between the founding duo of EV Performance lies over 20 years in the publishing industry. Our company director has worked behind the scenes with some of the most significant names in the business, whilst our chief editor has extensive professional experience with the majority of the top car magazines in the UK.

We want to create a spark and showcase some of the wild projects that are already emerging from the performance EV world, including modified, race, and downright silly electric projects currently being undertaken. And it's happening almost everywhere, believe us.

So strap in and enjoy as we ride the ever-growing wave that promises to be the future...

Contact Us

For editorial enquires please contact: info@evperformance.co.uk

For commercial opportunities please contact: james@pluggedin.media