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5 Extremely Fast EV’s we want to drive!


When it come’s to straight line performance we all know EV’s can outperform most, even a Nissan Leaf will beat cars at the traffic lights until 30mph. But when you want to start competing with the big boys you need to bring the big guns! Here are 5 stupidly quick EV’s we want to drive.

1: Rimac Nevera

0-60: 1.85 Seconds

Horsepower: 1888

Top Speed: 258mph

Range: 404 miles

It has been three years since this car was revealed at the Geneva motor show in 2018 and the production team have been hard at work producing prototypes and running them through all sorts of safety tests. It is predicted to be one of the fastest production cars in the world, offering a staggering 1888hp, all-electric horsepower with a 0-60 of 1.85 seconds and a mental 1696lb ft of torque. The Nevera claims to have a range of a very much decent 404 miles and will be able to charge 80% capacity in less than 30 minutes. It will also feature Lv4 autonomous driving which is one of the coolest features in modern EVs in my opinion.

2: Pininfarina Battista

0-60: sub 2 seconds

Horsepower: 1,900

Top Speed: 217mph

Range: 310 miles

Alike the Rimac, only 150 of these electric sports cars are being produced. The car has individual motors placed at each wheel allowing an output of 1,400kW and 1649 ft-lb of torque. The interior is completely customizable to the driver’s specification and there are two screens on either side of the wheel to give the driver vital data.  Pininfarina insists the car has a top speed of 218mph and will accelerate from 0-60 in less than 2 seconds. It also has five driving modes which will alter the power generated by the powertrain and a rear wing that will improve stopping power.

3: Tesla Model S Plaid

0-60: 1.99 seconds

Horsepower: 1,020

Top Speed: 200mph

Range: 390 miles

Everybody loves a Tesla. Especially with a road-legal top speed of 200mph with a peak hp of 1020.

Not only is this car the fastest Tesla ever to be produced, but it is also one of the coolest. The all-new interior provides extra comfort for both drivers and passengers. With extra legroom and storage in the back and cabin conditioning to keep you at the perfect temperature. The steering wheel has also had a design change featuring no stalks and no shifting. This Tesla also enables in-car gaming with the next-gen consoles and even wireless or USB-C charging for every passenger. Even with all this high-tech equipment and the 17” cinematic display, this all-electric car can still travel 390 miles on a full charge which is absolutely insane.

4: Porsche Taycan Turbo S

0-60: 2.8 seconds

Horsepower: 751

Top Speed: 162mph

Range: 296 miles

With an easily recognizable but intricate design, Porsche have pushed the limits of the Taycan family with a top speed of 162mph and a 0-60 of 2.8 seconds. The sports vehicle will be able to travel a range of about 270-296 miles on a full charge which will take 10.5 hours with a battery capacity of 83.7kWh. interior features include an active carbon dust filter which will keep even the finest of pollen out and will make you thankful every time you drive past a pile of manure. The car also provides a 14 speaker surround sound system including a subwoofer, wireless phone charging, a 16.8-inch curved display and voice control. It really is a Porsche of the future.

5: Audi E-Tron GT RS

0-60: 3.3 Seconds

Horsepower: 590

Top Speed: 155mph

Range: 298 miles

The fully-electric E-Tron straight up sounds and looks like it is from the future. Reaching 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, the E-Tron can reach a top speed of 155mph. It utilizes 4-wheel drive and can handle as well as it can accelerate. The E-Tron GT can travel up to 298 miles on a full charge and can recharge from 5-80% in just 22.5 minutes! One of the coolest features is that Audi has allowed the driver the option for a loud signature sound to be made by the car which the tone can be fully customized in the Audi drive select system. It is a very cool feature that I would like to see in upcoming EVs as nothing gets me more accelerated in a car than the roar of the engine. The stylish and comfortable interior was designed for optimal comfort and even comes with an option to have leather-free seats which I think is great.

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