The BuzzNew base-spec Model S announced

New base-spec Model S announced


Something which never seems to remain the same for long is Tesla’s Model S line-up, which seemingly carries the same levels of predictably and changeability as Britain’s weather. Yep, Tesla has announced a new Model S variant, this time at the entry-level end of things.

This new variant will start at £53,400 in its most basic guise and will be released in 2017 face-lift form, which we covered back in April. This means the Model S will feature the all new smooth front-end as well as the dramatically named ‘Bioweapon Defence Mode’ air filtration system, which sounds as though it might come in handy should you find yourself driving through some sort of post-apocalyptic nightmare.

That’s not all though, as perhaps the biggest change announced by Tesla revolves around the battery. Surprisingly, the new ‘entry-level’ Model S will once again sport the ‘60’ marker, indicating that in base form it will once again only sport a 60kWh battery capacity, which hasn’t been used since the first Model S which ended production in 2015. This however, is where things get confusing, as the ‘60’ will actually come with a software-locked 75kWh battery, which Tesla will unlock to unleash the full 75kWh for an additional £7,500 if purchased before taking delivery of the car, or £7,850 if purchased after. Simply put, this move allows customers to choose between a cheaper 60kWh battery (giving a range of 248 miles) or a higher-range 75kWh ‘unlocked’ battery (which provides a range of 298 miles).

The new Model S will also have free access to Tesla’s rapidly expanding Supercharger network, which will allow for mid-journey charging when required.

On the performance side of things, Tesla has announced that the new Model S 60 will feature presumably the same 382bhp/325lb-ft motor in rear-wheel drive spec as in previous versions, and will be able to hit 60mph in 5.5 seconds, going on to a top speed of 130mph (140mph with the 75kWh battery upgrade), and so remains pretty much in line with previous generations.

Why not pop over to Telsa’s website, where you can have fun building your dream Model S from a full range of available options!

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